Hear what Clients have to say about Magnetix Marketing

Dan Krynzel

Owner of the Interview Method

Offering some of the most powerful Sales Technique training available anywhere

(Paraphrased from the above video)

"Magnetix is the most amazing marketing company I've ever been able to work with.  They've been an incredible resource for me to build and grow my business.  I needed help scaling online, help running ads, help with messaging, help with EVERYTHING! 

As a result of our work with Magnetix Marketing, our brand, Lifestyle Listings, helping realtors all over the country, EXPLODED!

Honestly, it's very difficult to find a marketing company and resources to help entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches like us, that's good and does what they say they're going to do.  

Magnetix was upfront with me and let me know what we needed to do.  We setup lead flows and processes to where once the lead flow came in, we had an unbelievable follow-up system with texts and emails and retargeting ads so that when you came into the web of Lifestyle Listings and the Interview Method, you would be contacted by us and our automation until you bought (and beyond].

I wouldn't be able to be who I am today without Ryan and Magnetix Marketing.  I know they have limited bandwidth, so if you have the opportunity to work with them, JUMP ON THAT right away and do exactly what they say!"

~Dan Krynzel 

Barbara Morris

Owner of Women Rising Like the Phoenix

Coaching for Women experiencing the Empty Nest

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"Hi, I'm Barbara Morris, the creator and founder of 'Women Rising like the Phoenix'. I couldn't have done all of the things that I have done in my marketing without Ryan (at Magnetix Marketing). His expertise, his knowledge, goes so far beyond anything I could have imagined. I could have been given the basics and had to flounder myself through all of the pieces but he knows all of the pieces that are needed to put together a fantastic marketing plan. And I encourage you to get with him if you are starting a business or struggling with your advertising because he will be able to help you more than you could ever have wished for. And I am so grateful for all that he has done for me."

~Barbara Morris 

Lisa Luciano

Owner of Online Safety & Success,

Teaching effective decision-making using techniques that empower children and adults to spot danger, avoid it and deal with it.

(Paraphrased selections from the above video)

"Magnetix Marketing cared about me and my company and getting me across the finish line or getting me to the starting line. I trusted him and I started working with him and I went from having no leads to 3500 leads because he built a sales funnel that worked, not just worked, but it worked for my company and for who I am.

We put out the ad campaign and it got results that to this day, people who've been in the business a long time cannot believe. And I've seen it happen to other clients for Magnetix Marketing as well. I was getting lead after lead after lead. I went from zero sales call bookings to 70 within a couple of months because of the ads that put people through my funnel.

Then of course, there's the issue of email campaigns. I didn't know how to do that properly. We built one based on emails they created and crafted. He has figured out what can go wrong or what do you need to do to make an email effective. Anybody can send out emails. Well his are so different that I had a client come to my Zoom session and the first thing she said to me was, "Lisa, those emails you sent me, I was afraid to come. I was not going to come to this call. But when I saw what was in those emails, I knew who you were. I started to trust you. And I loved the information you gave me. There was a video. I loved it that made all the difference to me."

That was because of Magnetix Marketing and the emails they created, the systems they know how to build."

~Lisa Luciano 

Matt Friedland

Owner of 360 Music System,

Training guitar players to reach new degrees of professional mastery.

(Paraphrased selections from the above video)

"My name is Matt Friedland and I've been working with Magnetics Marketing for some time now. I'm a music school owner in Tempe, Arizona, and I have a music education platform launched online nationwide called 360 Music System. Our business has really started to get more out of our marketing, organized and more successful in getting new leads and getting clients enrolled in our programs.

A lot of that has to do with Magnetix Marketing's help in implementing our landing pages, our Facebook advertising and getting our calendars set up and all of our backend tech. I wouldn't have been able to do that myself. It's quite a vast thing to try and take that on, even consuming tutorials. Having an expert like Magnetics Marketing help you with that kind of thing will save you a lot of time and energy and effort.

So if you're a business owner, you're going to need marketing, you're going to need to advertise things. If you've tried it before and it hasn't been successful, I've totally been there. I've invested thousands with other marketers, didn't work and I wasn't educated and informed on what they were actually doing and how to set up any of this stuff.

So I had no idea why it wasn't working. But after working with Magnetix, they educated me on how things work, how to set up things properly, the strategies and we have been getting results. We're getting new clients booked, we're getting our ads in front, we're building our audience. And I just want to say that it's been great working with them.

It's been a real pleasure and I highly recommend working with them."

~Matt Friedland

Kami Wanous

Owner of The Freedom Scholar,

Homeschool Educational Mentoring

(Paraphrased selections from the above video)

"Hi there. I'm Kami Wanous and I'm so excited to recommend to you Magnetix Marketing. I am currently building a new website and new platform in from Kajabi over to Go High Level and I never ever would have been able to do it without Magnetix Marketing! It is so complicated to figure out a new platform. It's such a big learning curve and it takes you away from what you really want to do - helping people, coaching them, the income that you want to make!

To have the freedom to hire somebody to be able to walk you through every step is what I love about Magnetix Marketing. Not only am I getting a platform built for me, but I'm doing it WITH them. I'm very hands on. I love to know how things work so that I can go back and make changes when I need to.

And that's what Magnetix Marketing does. It's walking me through every single step so that I understand the concepts, I understand what the names are (system elements) and why they mean different things, and then I can go back and do it myself. That empowers me to not only have a functioning business on the tech side and the the marketing side, but also it's allowing me to then teach my employees in the future.

And I'm so excited about that. There's so much information that I didn't know that Magnetix Marketing is teaching me all the time about marketing, about tech and how High Level works in conjunction with a lot of other things and how it moves. And it's just so beautiful. And I love being able to ask questions and it's, it's such a freeing experience to not have the pressure of trying to fit everything in a certain little timeslot and trying to have to, to get somebody call somebody and say, "Can you fix this for me?"

Because I know how to do it on my own now. I'm so excited. I think you should definitely, definitely give them a shot and trust them with all of your marketing needs."

~Kami Wanous

Doug Kalunian

Owner of Mastering Your Wellbeing,

Create a Side Hustle from Scratch Using the Power of AI

(Paraphrased selections from the above video)

"I’ve been in coaching with Ryan at Magnetix Marketing for the past 2 years, both in individual and group sessions, and I can honestly say that he deeply cares about his clients and goes above and beyond in order to provide quality guidance, help, and support.

He tells it how it is, giving constructive, personalized feedback, step-by-step detailed guidance, and you can tell he honestly wants each one of us to succeed.

Thanks for everything, Ryan! I’m ready to launch my program, in great part because of you! You’re Amazing! Couldn’t have done it without you!"

~Doug Kalunian

Magnetix Marketing IS currently enrolling clients!

More opportunities are lost to simple procrastination than for any other reason. It's perhaps the most human thing we share.

As we are extremely generous with the services we deliver, we cannot enroll many direct clients, so we have NO CHOICE but to be selective with whom we serve at the highest levels. Training programs are growing quickly, however, so it's very likely that no matter what you're trying to achieve, we will be able to light the way.

There are such a wide variety of goals we can help you achieve that you owe it to yourself to have a quick chat with us. We will explore your objectives, wants and needs, and help you to find where our programs can overcome your obstacles. There is almost always some degree to which we can assist.

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