Your Story Is Your Purpose

You are the protagonist in your own tale.

We are all here to experience a unique story of our own. What kind of story will you leave in the record of time?

All of us have struggled and most of us will overcome those struggles.

The best of us will turn our struggles into our definition of purpose and use them to drive us to greatness.

The worse our struggles have been, the more powerful we are.

The Power Plant

What Drives Magnetix Marketing

You often hear people say, "Do what you love for a living and you'll never work a day in your life."

I grew up loving games. Video Games, Role Playing Games, Board Games, anything that would spark the imagination and inspire interaction. Perhaps it was an unhealthy obsession, as my parents would regularly accuse. Maybe it was a way to get attention. It's said children should play to connect with their strengths and weaknesses.

Although I enjoyed coming up with various rules and structures, I did not adhere well to the rules and structures given by parents, schools, and employers. The real world felt all too rigged against average people, designed specifically to submit us to lives of burden, strapped to hamster wheels giving just enough reward to meet our needs and compel us to take steps forward to fulfill the dreams of others. Slaves to earning the wages we need to pay for the right to be alive.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of those close to me, I was inspired to take my ideas and idle concepts, generated in my efforts to escape the doldrums of day to day normalcy, and share these games with the world. The fantasy was to bring a game to market, make lots of money, and live free to continue to share further creativity. I believed that all it would take was a good idea and the standard rags to riches story could be mine to live.

Of course, it doesn't take long to figure out that it takes having money to make money and that an idea alone is not enough. Coming up with more of them and perfecting them is not enough. Art, printing, distribution, marketing - all remained out of reach. Wealth begets wealth.

My family and I lived for years with just enough to keep up on bills, pouring most effort into survival, leaning on credit to fill in where income failed. Many months would end in tough decisions on which bills to cover and which to let go unpaid. Credit went to ruin, loans for business became out of reach, overdraft charges, interest, and short term loan fees became an endless ant trap. Poverty begets poverty.

Thankfully, as a game designer, I was able to understand that what I was caught in was an aspect of a game I had been playing all my life, the same game we're all playing, one of finances and freedom. I saw the gravitational influence of wealth and realized that if I could get the momentum going in a positive direction, it would start to naturally get easier.

While exploring the work world through all the many opportunities I was given, both blue and white collar, trying to put myself in positions that would help me earn the keys to successfully running a business, it seemed like a world of exploitation. Many appear to share the same fundamental viewpoint on this 'game of the work world'.

It seems like to succeed, you have to be willing to take as much as you can while giving back as little as you can get away with. The difference you get to keep for yourself is called... Profit?

It's true many employers have pressed me to build up the IMPRESSION of quality as being more important than the TRUE quality being offered.

Yet when I looked closer at those who were really succeeding, the thing that stood out was how many people appreciated them. It became clear that one's value is rooted in how much they can truly help others. Even the goal of producing a great game is just a way to help others have an exceptional and unforgettable experience!

It hit me that if everyone is out there taking as much as they can get away with, the world gets worse for us all. And if we all can give more to others than we ask in return, together we begin to experience a world that improves over time for everyone. Clearly, only by providing others with what they need and want can we find the ways to more easily achieve what we need and want for ourselves.

I don't play as many games these days. I realize we're all playing one already, and that it's one we all play together, not against each other, but FOR each other. I realized everyone wants the same basic thing I wanted, the freedom to live as we wish, unfettered, unshackled, unchained to a wheel. Most of us do have dreams and desires we want to bring to the world, solutions to problems, innovations, beautifications, stories to tell and secrets to share.

With this shift in thinking, I ended up working for a series of employers that appreciated my sales and marketing background, combined with my numerous entrepreneurial efforts and wide experiences in creative and business pursuits.

I was trained by some of the best business coaches in the world on the use of new high tech tools for marketing. Clearly, the abilities of HUGE and indominable businesses to promote themselves were being equalized by these technologies, giving the everyday person, small and medium sized businesses the ability to make a huge impact like never before.

I realized at this point that we are, and always have been, bound to a game. Only now, we have the ability to stand on more even footing and overthrow the rigging of this game against us, leveraging the rules of the game to our benefit.

Our goal now is to help as many people to find true financial freedom with these knowledges and insights as possible.

Let's talk today about YOUR next steps to success!